Talking to Talk

I tend to talk too much. Especially where it's pertinent to listen and hear what other people are saying.

This past week, while attending a neighbourhood volunteer group, I was reminded of my propensity for talking too much. I was halfway through a comment when I realised it would have been better to keep quiet.

But it was too late.

I had lost the point of what I was saying, but there was nowhere to hide. The realisation I had been babbling for over a minute dawned on me far too late to recover.

Afterwards, as I tried to reflect on what had occurred during the meeting, I realised it was pertinent for me to have rules governing my behaviour and what I need to say for meetings. It was not something where I need to self-censure, but a series of questions I need to ask myself before I entertain speaking without being aware of what's necessary to say.

I jotted down some initial questions as guidelines for the next opportunity to avoid embarrassing myself in front of my peers. For those interested, I've also attached a downloadable PDF to share and print. Maybe it'll be handy for your next meeting.

Design Abilities

  • Product Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • User Centered Design
  • Design Mentoring
  • Usability Research
  • Design Systems

Trading Skills

  • Probability Analysis
  • Financial Markets
  • Trading Strategies
  • Derivatives
  • Options
  • Equity Trading
  • Futures Trading