Normal's Dead

I was taking out the rubbish tonight when I overheard a conversation where someone said to their friend, "I can't wait for things to get back to normal. I came way thinking about it for a while before writing done my thoughts on what I heard.

I don't want to go back to 'normal.'

Nothing was ever normal before. Can we retire that myth now? It wasn't fair or equitable by any means. There was no fairness of justice, health care, income, gender, and certainly not politically. We were never "in it together."

We have this opportunity. Unprecedented in human history to rethink what we want of our society. We don't need a revolution; what we need is evolution.

Let us evolve beyond the binary idea where two parties represent every facet of our society. That's hogwash. Reagan, Bush, Clinton, even Obama never represented what we needed. They were good enough, but not by any means representative.

Health care needs an overhaul. Even during the "good" times, it barely handles what we need. Nor does it help everyone who needs the assistance. If universal healthcare is not part of the new society, then something is wrong.

I don't know of anything more broken in our society than the idea of equal justice. Watching videos and reading stories of minority populations being pummeled by the police for not abiding by social distancing while white people with guns walking around state capitals with impunity makes me ill. It's yet another reminder of how our society offers no equal footing for the economically challenged or those who are minorities.

And it's okay to admit both political parties are half measures to a just nation. They have gotten us this far, but for society to keep progressing, it's time to rethink who we elect for office. Most are great marketers with phenomenally empty slogans and little incentive to get things done for the betterment of the whole. Nor should there be any form of a moral litmus test dictating what women do with their bodies as the gateway for admittance.

Can we also finally do away with the monied interest greasing the wheels? Corporations have little use for us other than with our wallets and in most instances, only for a few with deep pockets. Even while bodies are filling the morgues and many surviving on borrowed time with respirators, there's an entire class of vile people and companies vying to make a profit on the misery of our nation.

There are so many things that can make us better. While tucked away in our homes, with our family, roommates, or by ourselves, we should devote extra time to rethink what type of society we want reopening for us. Not accept what's coming and think it's somehow normal again. Because what was happening before was not at all okay by any standard of human decency.

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