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I enjoyed my time working at Leade.rs as the head of product and lead designer. As it was an early-stage startup in the event space, I quickly found myself having several different responsibilities. While initially hired to design the application's user experience, within two weeks, I was named the head of product.

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The entire product was a platform for existing speakers, and those looking to become one, to create opportunities to speak at conferences and global events. Leade.rs was also the second company where I worked with the French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur as CEO. The second co-founder was accomplished event planner and organizer Karyn Kane Williams. While the third co-founder was Jean-Jacques Borie, a French entrepreneur and Technologist. Amongst the three founders and their decades of experience designing and curating conferences and events, we were well-positioned to become a significant player in the event space.

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I was responsible for the product road map, designing the user experience, hiring new personnel, especially designers and mobile engineers, branding, developing business models, and thinking about new features for the product. But, as with previous experience at other companies, much of my time was spent working with the three co-founders and combining their various ideas into one vision of the product.

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Our monthly events were tremendously popular. Often selling out weeks in advance. Each one had a different theme ranging from meditation, bots, health and technology, to leadership for growing companies. People in the Bay Area (and later in Paris) were anxious to hear different opinions on topics and ideas where they were not familiar.

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I regularly used various products to keep the product progressing. I used design Sketch, Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and new iterative programs like Framer and Invision to create workable prototypes of the growing applications various user flows. To keep abreast of the user flows and stories associated with each new feature, we relied on Trello and Slack to stay connected with the distributed engineering and design personnel.

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Design Abilities

  • Product Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • User Centered Design
  • Design Mentoring
  • Usability Research
  • Design Systems

Trading Skills

  • Probability Analysis
  • Financial Markets
  • Trading Strategies
  • Derivatives
  • Options
  • Equity Trading
  • Futures Trading